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Located in heart of the old-time Bangalore City of Basavanagudi (meaning the land of Bull Temple) Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies (popularly known by its acronym, “BILS”), is one of the well known affiliated private law colleges which enjoys consistent top ranking pan India. Fast progressing in its 21st year, it offers an environment of academic excellence for the students by way of any-time accessible Heads of the Institution, strong faculty support, and a well equipped library.

BILS is its cosmopolitan best with students from all over the country- from Manipur, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, M.P, Delhi and close South from Chennai, Trichur and Kerala. This has allowed the sense of oneness to prevail making it a little interesting by the spice of diversity. The corridors echo with different languages, our cultural programmes with various state cultures and our class rooms with diverse perspectives. 

At the end of the day, what reigns supreme in BILS, is the focus on academic excellence and professional discipline all grounded in values, etiquette and ethics. Apart from the conventional class room teaching, guest lectures, client counseling, visits to courts, mediation centres, police stations and jail, legal aid services in rural areas, corporate etiquette training, soft skill training, supplement the practical/industry knowledge requirement. The students are groomed to have a road map right from the First Year and the institution supports strongly in helping students reach there mainly, by coordinating their legal internships and placements. 

BILS is proud that the alumina are doing well in chosen fields as corporate lawyers, litigation lawyers, mediators, solicitors, founders of NGOs and in the academic arena.

To pithily put, stay at BILS is an unmatched experience for the students not just for their from their career point of view but from the point of their all round development of personality.


  • Prof. G. Subba Rao - August 1993 – November 1993
  • Prof. K. R. Anand Rao(I/C) - December 1993 – June 1996
  • Prof. S. S. Alur - July 1996 – February 2000
  • Smt. C. S. Kanthi - February 2000 - September 2001
  • Prof. S. B. Jatti - Oct 2002 – Nov 2013
  • Dr. Sapna.S - December 2013 -

Affiliation and Approval

  • Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, is affiliated to Karnataka State Law University ( KSLU/Aca./Affil./2010-11/897, dated June 29,2010)
  • Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, is approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi (BCI:D:937/2013(LE), dated 10-06-2013)


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