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Under NSS Committee on 14-10-2017, Blood Donation Camp had organised in our College premise.  82 Students  voluntarily donated blood.  We had a successful Blood Donation Camp.

A Special Lecture was  given by  Prof. Ioannis Kokkoris. Professor of Law and Economics on wednesday 20th September 2017 on the topic  "Economics and Competition Law"

Date: 31-Oct-2015
Topic: Vigilance Awareness Week
Presenter: Corporation Bank
Corporation Bank conducted a Vigilance Test as a part of their Vigilance Awareness Week Drive. Three of our students won cash prizes for this quiz. The first prize was secured by Mr. Suryash and Mr. Siddharth C of 5th Year. He also alluded to the fact that Vigilance will help prevent corruption and is connected to good governance. They briefed the students on whistle blower protections and the various forms of Vigilance.

Date: 30-Oct-2015
Topic: Vigilance Awareness Week
Presenter: Syndicate Bank
The Deputy General Manager and the Chief Manager of Syndicate Bank conducted sessions on Vigilance during their Vigilance Awareness Week. Students were informed about what is Vigilance, and when is Vigilance required. He also alluded to the fact that Vigilance will help prevent corruption and is connected to good governance. They briefed the students on whistle blower protections and the various forms of Vigilance.

Date: 28-Oct-2015
Type of Activity: Presentation
Topic: Appointment of Judges for the Supreme Court and High Courts
Presenter: Sri. N. B. Bhat
Presentation: In light of the recent developments and the Supreme Court judgment quashing the NJAC Act, 2014, our Dean Sri. N.B. Bhat Vice President BHS HES gave a presentation on the issue. He gave the students insight into the theory of separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary and the three Judges’ cases. There was lively discussion between the students and the Dean on the merits and demerits of the Act. The faculty also enthusiastically participated in the session. The session helped the students formalize their ideas on the NJAC and appointment of Judges.

Date: 20-Oct-2015
Type of Activity: Debate Competition
Topic: Supreme Court Verdict on NJAC has saved the Democracy
Students argued enthusiastically on the issues with the NJAC judgment. They passionately discussed the impact of the decision on democracy, separation of powers and the theory of checks and balances. Some students even referred to the American and British system of appointing judges and how the NJAC is in line with the same.

Date: 10-Oct-2015
Type of Activity: Guest Lecture
Topic: “Pursuing an LL.M. abroad – Process, Advantages and Disadvantages”
Presenter: Mr. Vikram Huilgol
About the Presenter: Mr. Vikram Huilgol is an alumnus of ILS Law College, Pune. He completed his LL.M. from Harvard University in the year 2013. He is currently a consultant at King & Partridge Advocates.

Presentation: Harshit Khanna – 5th Year was the Master of Ceremonies. He requested Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung to introduce Mr. Vikram Huilgol after which Mr. Huilgol started addressing the audience consisting of 3rd, 4th and 5th year students.

Ms. Vikram Huilgol went through all the issues pertaining to how to choose a university abroad, the application process, the visa process, finding accommodation, financing and other such details. The interactive session included his experience of being a judicial clerk to Federal Court Judge.

He laid special emphasis on the expense involved and the job opportunities in the US and here post an LLM. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Keerti Mewar and presentation of Memento to Mr. Vikram Huilgol from Prof. Stuti Desai-Moorchung.

Date: 09-Oct-2015
Type of Activity: Guest Lecture
Topic: “Pursuing an LL.M. abroad – Process, Advantages and Disadvantages”
Presenter: Ms. Brahmi C.

About the Presenter: Ms. Brahmi C. is an alumnus of BILS from the 2013 batch. She is currently working at Lahari Music and Records as the sole Legal Advisor. She completed her LL.M. from Manchester University, UK. She is also an Singer of note and a Swimming champion.

Presentation: Prerna Jhunjhunwala – 5th Year was the Master of Ceremonies. She requested Archana B.K. Murthy to introduce the Ms. Brahmi after which Ms. Brahmi started addressing the audience consisting of 4th and 5th year students.

Ms. Brahmi went through all the issues pertaining to how to choose a university abroad, the application process, the visa process, finding accommodation, financing and other such details. She shared her experience on what are the challenges to applying for further studies abroad and the job market in both the places. The session was extremely interactive with a lot of back and forth between the students.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by Arpit Mittal and presentation of Memento to Ms. Brahmi from Prof. Stuti Desai-Moorchung.

Date: 08-Oct-2015
Type of Activity: Cultural
Ethnic Day

The cultural committee conducted the Ethnic Day program on 8th of October 2015. The entire college was awash with colours as each student came dressed in the attire of their state. As a part of the ethnic day celebrations a music, dance and drama show was held. 5 teams representing the 5 zones of India, namely North, South, East, West and Central competed with each other. The Zones were given the theme “Navaratri 2015 – Folk Fusion”. The states constituting each zone are listed below:

  • North Zone consisted of the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. South Zone consisted of the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Maharashtra.
  • East Zone consisted of the states of West Bengal, Orissa and the 7 sisters (namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura).
  • West Zone consisted of the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • Central Zone consisted of the states of Bihar & Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Each zone showcased the unique culture of the states they represented in the form of dance and music. Each zone showcased the special dances, music and cultural activities of the State. Mrs. M Sita Rao and Mrs. Lalitha Seshadri were given the onerous task of judging which state had displayed the uniqueness of their state the best.

The first prize was secured by the North Zone, the Second by the West Zone and the third was by the Central Zone.

Date: 12-Sep-2015
Type of Activity: Cultural
Talents Day
The cultural committee programme commenced with Talents Day on the 12th of September 2015. This event was to provide a platform for the students to show case their talents. The variety of performances and costumes made the event lively and colourful.

Around thirty participants displayed their prowess in a variety of areas. Students performances included playing the flute, guitar, and tabla. Next the mellifluous voices soothed by singing songs that were classical, semi-classical, songs from movies, etc. Students gave energetic and graceful dance performances in solo and group. One group put up a skit on issues related to female foeticide. The stage and the audience saw performances from all around the country, truly representing the ethnic vibrancy of the student body.

Date: 11-Sep-2015
Type of Activity: Literary Activity
Public Forum Debate Competition:The case of Indictment of Sudanese President Omal al Bashir is a discernible display of ICC’s Expensive Jurisdiction and its limited enforcement mechanism.”
For the first time in the history of BILS, it has organized a Public Forum Debate competition on 11-09-2015 in the BILS Seminar Hall. It was open to all the students of 5 year course of Law of the College to take part in the same.

There were 14 teams, actively participated in the PFD. To adjudge this Competition, BILS had invited Dr. Lathika Nath, the Professor of Law, University Law College, Bangalore. Despite it being a question of complicated International Law students from first year on enthusiastically participated in the debate. They eloquently and vehemently argued their stance. Mr. Abhishek Sharma, III year and Mr. Atul Lakshman, II year took the floor and won the “Best Team Trohpy”, Mr. Sai Sahkti, III year and Ms. Srividya Vishwanathan, III year bagged the second prize. Soon after the competition, she addressed the gathering at the Valedictory function, where she lauded the presentation by the students and complimented the Principal and Dean on the caliber of the presentations. Shri. N.B. Bhat, Dean, BILS, Vice-President, BHS HES gave the Presidential Remarks.

Date: 29-Aug-2015
Type of Activity: Inauguration of Student Activities
Sri. Justice Anand Byrareddy was the chief guest for our Inauguration of Student’s Activities. The Management Committee of BHS HES were also gracing the dais and participated in the function. Justice Anand Byrareddy urged the students to think out of the box when faced with a problem. He also generously donated 9 books to our library which are works of great men in the field of law.

Date: 13-Aug-2015
Type of Activity:Literary
Inter-Class Debate Competition: Prostitution Should be Legalized in India
 BILS organized the Inter-Class Debate Competition on Friday, the 13-08-2015, at 1.30 pm in the BILS seminar Hall. The college invited Dr. R.K Chandranath, the former Principal of Vijaya College, Dr. Hemalatha, Principal of Vijaya Teachers College, and Prof. Sudha, Associate Prof. of Vijaya Degree College to adjudge the Competition. The topic for the Competition was “Prostitution should be legalized in India”

About 43 students participated in the competition. The students expounded enthusiastically and passionately for and against the motion, and drew comparisons with countries that had legalized prostitution. Arguments were forwarded and rebutted with great finesse. The top three winners were Ms. Varsha Singh from I year, Mr. Atul Lakshman from II year and Mr. Abhishek Sharma from III year.

 Dr. Sapna S, Principal, BILS welcomed the august gathering. Prof. Preeti S. Desai introduced the Panel of judges to the audience. The Panel of Judges, were invited on dais to give their opinion. Apart from the I, II, and III trophies and Certificates of Merit, 3 ‘on-spot’ surprise cash prizes were sponsored by the Dean. Three cash prizes were given away to the I, II and III prize winners in recognition of their talent, spirit and skill.

 Shri N.B. Bhat, Dean, BILS, Vice President of BHS HES, Presided over the function and in his Presidential Remarks, congratulated Ms. Preeti S Desai, Literary Committee head for the excellent participation by Students. He congratulated the Principal for the good organization for the programme. He distributed the Prizes too. Prof. Stuti Desai-Moorchung proposed the Vote of Thanks. The Faculty Members, Administrative Staff and all the students were present on the occasion. Ms. Rakshita and Ms. Shreya Asopa compeered the Programme, followed by the National Anthem.

Date: 8-Aug-2015
Activity Type: Cultural
Fresher’s Day
The Fourth year students organized the Fresher’s Day for the first year students on the 8th of August 2015. The theme was “Ethnic India”. Each student introduced themselves and exhibited their talent. The audience consisting of all the faculty members, staff and students of all years encouraged and cheered each student. The first year students used this platform and gave stellar performances. The judges for the event were Prof. Pradeep and Prof. Preeti Desai. Based on their decision Mr. Shashank Jodidar was adjudged Mr. Fresher and Ms. Megha Kumari was adjudged Ms. Fresher.

Date : 6-Aug-2015
Activity Type:Literary
Debate Competition: Intersection between Sociology and Law
The programme was coordinated by Ms. Stuti Desai and the opening remarks were by Mr. Goutham Nagasena, Asst. Professor of Sociology. The topics for presentation were suggested by Prof. Goutham who briefed the entire class on how sociological perspective is a major facet in the study of law.  
3 Teams of 3 students, each presented on the following topics. Informal Presidential remarks were made by the Dean. The Dean in course of Presidential Address complimented Shri. Goutam for initiation this intellectual exercise which opened up a good debate of discussion. This spirit spread invigorating excellent involvement from amongst the students. It was observed the team work was good.

1. Group 1. - “ Criminology in sociology”
2. Group 2. - “ Intersection of Sociology and Jurisprudence and Social Control
3. Group 3. – Case Studies – a. Death Penalty b. Mediation and Rape Cases c. Land Acquisition Bill

Date: 4-August-2015
Activity Type: Literary
Speech Competition: Why I like Abdul Kalam?
As the brain child of the Dean, this was a simple exercise to develop public speaking as a core skill. The first year students were given the topic “Why I like Abdul Kalam?”. Each student was given time to expound on why they like Abdul Kalam and how his life and teachings have influenced some. Students spoke passionately about his contribution to India and how his simplicity has inspired them. They recounted incidents from his life that had a profound impact on their thinking and their point of view. Students received pointers on how to improve their research skills and their public speaking abilities by our Dean Sri. N.B. Bhat and our Principal Dr. Sapna S.

Date: 1-Aug-2015
Activity Type: Welcome to the First Years
As has been the tradition in our college, we have a formal welcome to the 1st Year LL.B students on the re-opening day and this time too, on 1st August 2015, which happens to be the re-opening day. The event was conducted in the Seminar Hall of BILS. Students of 1st year and their parents attended this event to mark the august occasion of the 1st years beginning their first day of their chosen profession. The program was presided over by our beloved Dean Sri NB Bhat.

Our Principal Dr. Sapna S gave a welcome address and gave a students a peek into the BILS culture and life. She also delineated what the next five years will be like for the 1st year students. The Dean, Sri. NB. Bhat  gave the presidential address and explained how our college, BILS is not just any other impersonal institution, but an institution with a “Soul”. He stressed on the importance of values and etiquette and explained the BILS stance on lack of discipline. Classes were commenced on the same day.


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