Placement/Internships: Placement Co-ordination Committee (PCC)
The BILS Placement Co-ordination Committee (PCC) takes the responsibility of Internship and Placements.
The PCC has designed the PCC activities for 2014-15 Academic Year as follows-
  1.  Plan and evaluate a complete program of career placement and planning, including recruiting strategies, based on needs assessment, consultation with students, and surveys of potential employers.
  2. Plan, implement, and evaluate recruiting strategies to attract potential employers, identifying target areas for developing employment opportunities.
  3. Supervises student internees by registering and compiling the data of the internships.
  4. Counsel and advise students regarding career planning and goals.
  5. Preparation of a placement policy.
  6. Publish information about employment and special study opportunities, pertinent deadlines, and other articles of interest.
  7. Design, administer, and conduct placement technique workshops, including interviewing, resume development, job search skills, and job opportunities.
  8. Works with student groups to identify specific needs of particular segments of student population; designs programs to meet such needs.
  9. Maintains complete files and detailed statistics regarding successful placements and related placement activities and prepares reports as needed or required.
With this objective, this Committee conducted focused in-house training sessions to the students of all years which included resume writing, resume reviewing, interview skills, soft skill training skills etc.

Report of the Placement Co-ordination Committee (PCC)

S.No Date Activity/Description Speaker/Faculty in-charge


1. 05/08/2014 PCC’s plan of action for the academic year and placements for the batch of 2010-2015 were discussed. Guidelines given on drafting of resume and self- profiles. Final years were intimated about the interview taping sessions to be conducted in September. Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung
2. 14/08/2014 Commencement of review of self-profiles of Final years. Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung
3. 18/08/2014 Commencement of review of resumes of Final years. Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung


Guest lecture on “What are the expectations of a corporate from its interns”. Dr. ShailajaShastri, Legal Consultant
30/08/2014 Guest lecture on “What are a law firm’s expectations from their fresh law graduates”. Mr. ArvindMoorchung, Partner, King and Partridge
30/08/2014 Guest lecture on importance of internships. Ms. KasturiVenkatesh, alumnus BILS
30/08/2014 Session on do’s and don’ts of an internship. Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung
  Guest lecture on “How to survive law school”. Mr. Sunil Shastry, Advocate
11. 22/09/2014 Guest lecture on “Reading  - The importance of going beyond text books”. Mr. KashyapNaik, Advocate, Agraa Legal
12. 07/10/2014 Internship opportunities for 3rd, 4th and 5th years. Ms. SrivalliVelan
13. 15/10/2014 Placement preference form circulated amongst the Final years. Mrs. Stuti Desai-Moorchung
14. 06/11/2014 Finalized the Internship Feedback Form to be launched on 2nd February 2014. Ms. Stuti Desai-Moorchung
  13/11/2014 Finalized details and designer for PCC brochure for V LL.B. students for the year 2015. Ms. Deepa Chandrashekhar
  20/11/2014 CRY pre-internship talk with 1st year students by a CRY representative. Ms. Rajakumari Michael
  26/11/2014 V LL.B. Students shortlisted and one finalized for an internship with Biocon Ms. SrivalliVelan
  28/11/2014 Finalized pages for the PCC brochures for the V LL.B. students for the year 2015. Ms. Deepa Chandrashekhar
  21/4/ 2015 Session 1: 3rd Year from 9:30 am to 11:30 amSession 2: 4th and 5th Year from 11:45 am to 1:45 pmMr. AnjanDev N CEO Legarithm engaged the students in discussions on how to build a resume; how to conduct oneself during an interview; what should one do during internships; etc. He also gave students guidance on how to determine what offer to accept when one has several offers on the table using a unique Grid system. He then addressed the students on some specific don’t s for interviews. He then referred TED Talk:AmyCuddy’s video on power postures increasing our ability to deal with stress situations. His advice to the students was to follow their dreams and not give up easily. Mr. AnjanDev N, CEO Legarithm


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