Dean's Message

Shri N.B.Bhat

M.A., LL.M., IPS (Retd.)
Secretary, BHS HES
Dean, BILS

As Dean, I have come to call BILS “An institution with soul”: A combination of intellectual engagement and a commitment to serving the common good, that sets us apart from other law schools. We take scholarship, service, professionalism and teaching seriously; but we try not to take ourselves seriously. I am pleased to say the faculty and staff have kept their commitment to the quality of our educational offerings and outreach to the community.

For our faculty “The BILS way” is a culture that values knowledge in the service of society. For our students “The BILS way” is a commitment to leadership in and out of the classroom. For our Alumni, “The BILS way” is about innovation, and using their education and experience to make the world a better place.

It also is about sharing their experience with the students who follow in their footsteps: our graduates leave and work in every state of the country and in many countries around the world, yet there loyalty to and constant engagement with the college make our global community feel small and intimate.

We have included a number of articles that demonstrate the talent of our students’ versatility of our activities and their impact on the community.

N.B.Bhat, IPS (Retd.),
BHS Higher Education Society and Dean, BILS