Disciplinary Rules

Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

The students shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the college/management which may be framed from time to time. Non-compliance of these rules will be dealt by the Principal/Dean in the manner he/she considers fit and his decision will be final in such matters.
1. Students are required to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and discipline both inside and outside the College.
2. Loading unacceptable material on the Internet is prohibited.
3. No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the Lecturer.
4. Students having no classes shall not loiter in the corridor but are expected to spend the time in the Library.
5. Faculty class-in-charge will keep a close watch on the student’s attendance, progress, conduct and will look after their general welfare.

6. Irregular attendance, indifference in regard to class work, tests and examination, discourtesy towards the teachers, obscenity in word or act, wilful damage of college property, anti-social activities etc, are liable for disciplinary action which will include expulsion from the College.
7. Students participating/preparing for Moot Court should attend their classes and they will be permitted to use the library after the classes.
8. Students who are late to the class will not be permitted to enter the library nor to loiter in the Corridor.
9. Students should not give the college address for any personal correspondence. The College will not be held responsible for the loss of any letter, whatever be the nature of the correspondence. Letters to the Principal should be accompanied by reply postage whenever a posted reply is desired.

1. Every student shall attend not less than70% of the prescribed number of working periods in each of the subjects, comprising the course and the Practical Training classes.
2. Each semester shall be taken as a unit for the purpose of calculating attendance.
3. Students who fail to satisfy 70% of attendance shall not be eligible to take the final examination conducted by KSLU, Hubballi.

1. Attending and passing monthly tests and preparatory examination is compulsory.
2. Any assignment or paper presentation assigned to any student, he/she should submit it.
3. Students are expected to refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs etc.

Mobile phones should be switched off/put in silent mode in the class & Library. Any student found using it, will face disciplinary action & fact the risk of his set (phone) confiscated.

Attendance to the College functions, Association, Meetings, College Assembly, Seminar, Guest lecture, Court Visit, Viva Voce etc., is obligatory to all students.

1. Students must keep the classrooms and the college premises clean writing on the blackboard, walls, affixing posters on the walls are strictly prohibited.
2. The students are expected to treat the college as their own and to co-operate in its efficient and smooth running.

1. It is the express aim of the College to keep the students free from a party or communal politics.
2. Without the permission of the Principal, students shall not organize any activities or associate with any group not concerned with the College.
3. No meeting shall be convened, no person shall be invited to address the students, no publication shall be issued and no canvassing or mobilizing the students for any particular opinion or action will be allowed without the permission of the Principal.
4. Participation in political agitation or demonstrations or strike of any kind is strictly prohibited.
5. No student should organize any Tour, Picnics or any meeting of college students either in the college or outside the college without the express permission of the Principal.
6. Boycotting the Classes, shouting slogans, obstruction of fellow students to enter classes, will be viewed seriously.

Every student should wear the identity card issued by the College during their presence in the college premises.

1. Students are expected to be simple and modest in their dress.
2. On the days of guest lectures, court visit, panel moot court, debates & such other formal college activities, the students are compulsorily required be attired in their Black & White formals.

Students who are found to have committed any act of in-discipline is liable to any one or more of the following punishments:
a. Warning
b. Fine
c. Cancellation of Scholarship/Concession etc.
d. Recovery in partial or complete loss due to damages to the College property or property of others inside the college campus caused by the delinquent student.
e. Removal, rustication or expulsion from the college.
f. Withholding of Certificates.

The punishments are liable to be inflicted at the discretion of the Principal whose decision will be final.